Since I've just spent two years studying fiction writing, and many of my friends and family have expressed interest in my writing, I've put together a little "chapbook" containing some of my best fiction.

It's called "Creation Stories," and each of the four short stories explore in very different ways how men in rural America try to make sense of themselves and their roles in the world. My friend, the artist Jacob Carroll, drew a picture for each story, as well as the cover image above.

Importantly, this is NOT FOR SALE. I'm planning to have these stories published, so think of this as just a very nice looking manuscript. That said, it costs a little bit to print and mail said manuscript. If you're interested in a chapbook, I'd be happy to accept up to a $5 donation to offset those costs -- though it's a gift to me just to know that you're reading my work.

I'd like a copy!