Stories matter

In this Internet world, it is our connection to people and their ideas that cuts through the murk of over-information. Since the dawn of civilizationat leaststorytelling has been our means to understand one another and move forward together.

Content marketingspreading your message through good stories and useful ideas, rather than just the same old sales pitchis a proven technique. And good content is a just good story: compelling characters overcoming obstacles, truthfully and carefully told.

What does it take to tell a compelling true story? Careful research, good reporting, and a sense of plotthe same tools as journalism and literature. I have worked with organizations from neighborhood businesses to universities and national nonprofits to produce stories that inform clients and customers, rather than simply sell.

Adjustable rates available for small non-profits and for businesses with a demonstrated to building an equitable, sustainable local community. For work samples or pricing inquiries (or simply more questions about content marketing), please email