Home #002: Cameron / by Boyce Upholt

Glen Allen,  Mississippi

Glen Allen,  Mississippi

Cameron, 46, Land developer & manager

I had to grow up a little bit to know what [home] meant. The whole Delta is like a small town—there’s always a connection. People want to foster that.

When Cameron was a boy, he was eager to get out of the Delta. But while he was in college his mother moved back into his family's old plantation, and as an adult he would find visiting that land provided a sense of peace and quiet amid the stresses of the working world.

He credits his "momma" with teaching himself the meaning of home. But then he cuts himself off. "It's just hard to think about all she meant in my life without tearing up a little over the fact that she's gone now," he says.

Home has always meant sanctuary, that would be my first word. Especially this place. When I’ve been away from here—this was always home, no matter where I was. And it was always a sanctuary.

Now he lives in that plantation home, built by his great-grandfather on the first homesite in Washington County, Cameron leases his row crop land to a big farming operation, but runs the smaller scale farming on the land: beekeeping, sunflower plots, and other plants intended to attract birds and wildlife. He offers luxury hunting tours to clients from around the country, and is always considering new ways to show off the home he loves.

Waking up, it’s so great to hear the birds outside. That’s a luxury—it’s a gift even folks who come here don’t always realize. It’s a gift.

You can read more about Cameron in the next issue of Delta Magazine, or check out the website for Esperanza Outdoors.